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We are specialists in leather apparel. We interpret the stylist’s designs and ideas and we transform them into ready to wear garments for collections and the runway.
Prototypes, sample pieces, and ready to wear garments are all produced according to artisanal manufacturing methods. We offer a complete service, from research and development to the cut, from the pattern to the tailor’s shop, from finishing to quality control, to manufacturing and shipping to countries all over the world.
We put together alligator and snakes skins and furs of all types. We cut and pair all types of leather, by machine and by hand. We do modelling in CAD and on mannequins. We research and experiment with innovative treatments and manufacturing processes of hides. We store and ship up to 100,000 garments a year.
The entire process is monitored by a digital management system shared with the client, who is free to track production remotely.