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Pellemoda produces leather apparel for prestigious international brands in high fashion. With them we define what our role will be in the realization of their product. We interpret their idea, absorb their aesthetic vision, and translate it into real products of impeccable craftsmanship.
We work through a practice of continual searching for the nature of the perfect garment and the achievement of its true identity as it was imagined by the stylist.
Pellemoda is a firm whose roots in Made in Italy and the idea of beauty evoked by it, have given fruit through the efforts of the artisans who are a part of it. This is the secret of our success.
At Pellemoda, manual skill, know-how, and a creative, enterprising and propositive state of mind, have been passed on from generation to generation. We are always ready to say yes, always a step ahead of the others. We are moved by a passion for fashion, and are always in pursuit of a beautiful leather garment. This is what makes the difference.

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