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Research and Develop



We look after our relationship with the stylist and his team, developing the product from idea to runway. We interpret the project, the designs, and we translate them into styles and prototypes for development.
We travel everywhere in the search for inspiration in the world of fashion, design, and art. Our PM have international technical training of the highest level. They are multilingual and multicultural, allowing us to take on the global market as a leader. New York, Paris, London, and Milan, we follow the client anywhere. From fittings at their maison to the final rush backstage at the runway.
Our strength is our capacity to adapt to the requests of the designer. We are always capable of finding the right solution, even if this necessitates a change in the arrangement of the firm or the customs of our subcontractors.
We build each single garment together with the client, step by step, pursuing perfection. In our workshop, where we give space to creativity, we experiment with whatever comes to mind and study with designers to find solutions for prototypes. We enjoy mixing materials, different types of leathers and furs, changing colours and shapes.
We work to give the most space possible to the creative inspiration of the designers. Then, we absorb and translate it into reality, creating exquisite garments of technical impeccability.
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