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Ethical and Environmental Responsibility


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Pellemoda has always naturally shared and pursued all the ethical principles that the SA8000 provides and protects, with regards to: child labour, forced labour, health and safety, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary procedures, working hours, and remuneration.

Believing in the importance of having its commitment to social responsibility recognized, in November 2012 Pellemoda began on the path to the adaptation of the SA8000 standard, committing itself to respecting all the requirements of the norm, national laws applicable in its sector of activity, and the arrangements and international instruments expressly referred to by the standard.
In December 2013, Pellemoda obtained certification, which was only the first step on a path of continuous improvement in its performance with regard to the above listed requirements of the standard. Requirements which we believe must be shared by all interested parties and in particular our suppliers; therefore, we monitor their application of the requirements and make the results available.

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The Man and the environment in which he lives and operates are a reference point for the business strategy of Pellemoda, because they are considered as a precious resource that needs respect and safeguard.
The dedication to its defense pushes the Management to operate with an Integrated Management System for the Social and Environmental Responsibility as an international and recognized instrument suitable to improve the social and environmental performances of the company.
The fashion industry, of which the company is part, has been for several years sensitive to all environmental and social matters, also because there are real risks that influence a market always ruled more by less ethical and sustainable logics.
In this scenery, the management system must permit the company to maintain the respect of the SA 8000 (2014 edition), the ISO 14001 rules (2015 edition), and the OHSAS 18001:2017 standards, the respect of other international applicable rules, national and local rules dispositions, the respect of the collective labor agreement and other requirement under scribed concerning labor, social and environmental responsibility.
The applicable requirements must be considered minimum requirements to be respected, and the system will be the instrument through which will be defined, planned and monitored business targets intended to respect the Mankind and his vital environment.
With the present policy the Management wants to explain the targets that wants to follow to all the employees, to all the operators who work for the company and all the other parts involved. In specific:

The Re-Examination Management will supervise this policy every year. In this occasion it will also define the business targets throughout the policy finds complete application.
All the company staff and operators which work for it, have to respect and daily act what is expected in the hereby policy, in the operative procedures and in the communications forwarded, in the way to guarantee the efficient operation of the new Management System.
The policy is diffused to the internal staff and available for all interested parts whom ask for it.

Empoli, January 8th, 2018
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